Nova Films: A Life Worth Living Is a Life Worth Recording


Brides & Grooms, Grooms & Grooms, and Brides & Brides

However you chose to pair up, we love that you are in love!


This is your big day—allow us to craft an audio-visual masterpiece, a beautiful montage that tells your story—from each heartfelt toast to every step of the rumba line—even that moment when your sister thought your nephew ate the rings (trust us, you will laugh about it later).


We want you to feel honored. We want to celebrate with you, share with you, dream with you—and we’ll capture it all on film.


We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that we love your love story and we are going to help you tell and preserve it.


This special moment between the two of you is remarkable; let’s capture it for generations to come!


When you work with Nova Films, we partner with you—we are not looking for just anyone, we are looking clients who want our off-the-charts enthusiasm, our 110% commitment, and our serious creative chops—we are looking for people like you.


You bring your willingness to:

  • Collaborate

  • Connect

  • Communicate


If you can do this, then we’d love to chat with you! Your customized video comes complete with a unique soundtrack that captures you, your commitment, and your day.


October 11, 2012
Art for money

September 17, 2012
365 days and counting...

January 31, 2012
Am I TOO nice??



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Musicality. Emotion. Truth. Your life is a story. Choose your storyteller carefully.

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