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Hi there...  I'm Mel.  And Nova Films is mine.  In fact, it's part of me.  






Wanna know more about us?  Great!  Here we go!


Our NYC Wedding

Our NYC Wedding 
image by : Jayd Gardina NYC



We are Mel (she) and Dave (he).  I (Mel) am your storyteller.  The final projects you see are my vison.  I shoot, I direct & I edit.  Dave drives the car.  But really, Dave is amazing at painting with light and his shooting and composition expertise is invaluable to the film's look and feel.  We work as a team and wouldn't want it any other way.


We love sharing our life and our passion for family, friends, and film. We love fun, quirky, enchanting stories and we love to tell those stories in an engaging, heartfelt, and memorable way.


When we got married, our wedding included a group subway ride to City Hall in New York City, some really memorable (loud) musical interludes, our first dance in a torrential downpour, and a huge water fight in the Bethesda Fountain.


We wish you could’ve been there!


Our Inspirations

We search for truth and meaning in our lives and work to illustrate the magic in yours.


We are profoundly silly and we laugh loudly (especially Dave—super loud). We hate to cook and we stay up way too late—most of time.


We could easily live out of a suitcase...in fact, we dream of it. Traveling is in our bones and we love working on-location.


And, spoiler alert: we are both movie buffs—big shocker, right? 


In Mel’s words:

For me, it's the way the music moves the visual. I'm a concert fanatic. I LOVE feeling music in my gut. My films are a visual expression of that feeling. My life has always had a soundtrack and I see everyone's stories in music.

In Dave’s words:

My love of film stems from my love of literature. In my former life, I was a journalist and a writer. I’m hooked on stories—it’s just a part of who I am.


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September 17, 2012
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January 31, 2012
Am I TOO nice??



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Musicality. Emotion. Truth. Your life is a story. Choose your storyteller carefully.

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