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365 days and counting...

September 17, 2012

Today is a big day for me. It has been ONE YEAR since my very first upload to YouTube. And what a year it's been...


In that year, I have produced 22 films. I have received 30744 hits on YouTube. 7 of my films have been seen over 1000 times... Number 8 has been seen 992 times. My films have been viewed in 106 countries...  Including Azerbaijan.  How cool is THAT?!


I have jumped with glee at seeing my work on the big screen for the first time. I have cried tears of joy along side brides & grooms. I have cried tears of pain facing harsh criticism.


I have documented weddings, newborns, big ideas & big hearts. I have helped a very sweet guy propose to his soon-to-be wife. I have even made a music video. One of my films was a contest-winner.


I have been called a genius. I have been called a scam-artist. I have been asked to work for free. Sometimes I've accepted with joy. Sometimes I've refused with pride.


I have travelled. Short distances & long. I have listened to hundreds of potential soundtracks. I have pulled many all-nighters. I have answered countless emails. I have gotten hate-mail.


I have LEARNED. So much. Every day. I have made mistakes. SO many. Every day.


I have turned what was an experiment in artistry into a business. And THAT's where it gets hard.


You see... My art pays my bills. It feeds my children. There is no bi-weekly, direct-deposit paycheck. Some weeks are good. Some not so good. I have to budget. And save. Sometimes I don't actually know when the next project is coming my way. I get scared. But I do it anyways.


Because I NEED to. Telling stories is part of ME. It has been part of my life in every endeavour. It fuels me. It drives me. And it is VALUABLE.


But charging for art is tricky. The artist in me wants to be free to create. The business woman in me wants to earn what I deserve. The mom in me just wants to be able to afford pizza night.


I charge for my work. Some would say I charge a lot. Some would say it's worth so much more. I charge what I need to charge to make it worth my time. Time I take away from my family.


I won't even go into how much it costs to operate my business... We can talk about that another day. But for today I want to re-iterate. What I do, my ART, has VALUE.


And I'm proud. I'm still standing. A little worse for wear but standing. One year later... I AM A FILMMAKER.


October 11, 2012
Art for money

September 17, 2012
365 days and counting...

January 31, 2012
Am I TOO nice??



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