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Art for money

October 11, 2012

Let me start with this... I didn't become an artist for the money. Does anyone?


I became an artist because I genuinely believe that I'm putting good energy into the world. I tell stories. Real ones. I help people remember. For generations. I help create legacies.


This matters to me.


Here's something else. I actually want EVERYONE to have access to my work.


I want EVERY bride to experience the magic of watching her wedding day unfold on a big screen. I wish I could have. I want even the smallest business to have a well produced film showing off it's particular brand of magic, drawing people into their brand. I believe it makes a difference.


But the hard truth is... I can't work for everybody. Two reasons:


1- Not everyone wants it. And that's ok. (note: It's taken me a long time to be ok with this.)

2- I can't afford it. And, GULP, that's ok too.


Here's what I mean.


In order to make my work “accessible” (I hate this word), I would have to price it low. Very low even.


I've tried this in the past and here's what happens... I spread myself too thinly. I work around the clock. I still can't make ends meet. I take on even MORE projects (including the ones that rot my soul). I burn out. The work gets watered down. I become resentful and ill. And fall further behind.


You get the picture. It's ugly. And no one wins. So much for the good energy I'm putting out.


I'm done.


But I still need to pay my bills, feed my kids, that pesky sleep thing...


So, I charge for my art. And you get what you pay for:


  • My TIME. This one is a no-brainer... Shooting, editing, uploading, emailing and let's not forget hunting for the absolute perfect soundtrack... I seriously drive myself crazy over this.

  • My investment into equipment, music, software, insurance... blah blah blah... I know.

  • My gooey insides. I feel. BIG. All the time. I feel for YOU.

  • My perspective. I have a funny way of seeing things. I finally found a line of work where this is an advantage!

  • My uncanny ability to weave music and emotion together in a way that is real and honest. This is MY particular brand of magic.

  • My obsession with making the cut at the exact right moment. I'm talking fractions of seconds here.

  • My ALL IN-ness. Yep, I just made up that word. What of it? I make YOUR project a priority in MY life.


This is what makes me tick. Gives me goosebumps. Being ALL IN.


What kind of storyteller would You want?


October 11, 2012
Art for money

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