Can I choose my own music?

Well... Yes & No.

In order to legally use music, I have to pay for the licensing. And I'm happy to do so - love it when artists get paid! Getting licenses for popular music can be both difficult and expensive. Lucky for us, there are a few amazing sites that make licensing easy. There are some popular artists, but most are super cool indy artists. Which I love!

So... If you'd like to participate in music selection, I can send you links to the sites we use and you can choose from there!

Why is the Signature Same Day Edit less expensive than a cinematic film?

Some would say it's because I'm crazy... haha. Yes, editing immediately is more stressful than doing it after the fact. BUT - in this package we aren't trying to capture EVERYTHING. I pre plan most of the shots and then look for some extra magic. But I have a LOT less footage to sift through. Which streamlines the process a great deal!

Do you offer photography as well?

No, I am focused exclusively on video. But I know a few wildly talented photographers who can take good care of you!

I paid for the wedding film as a gift. Does that mean I get control of what goes in it?

WOW! That's a super generous gift! But, no.

The story I'm telling is the couple's. So they are always the client. My contract is always with them.

I want both a cinematic film and a same day edit!

We can absolutely do that for you! The Same Day Edit can be added to any cinema package as an Enhancement.

Why does it cost so much?

I get it - weddings are expensive. And my service doesn't come cheap. The reason is simple. A LOT of hours and love go into each video. Way more than you might imagine. We also have costs such as music licensing and equipment upgrades etc.

I'm so excited you'll be working with us! How many people do I add to my seating chart?

For most of our packages, the whole team is with you all the way into the evening. So, we'll need 3 seats at dinner. Don't worry, you don't have to seat us with grandma or anything. As long as we're together and have a view of the action, we're good! Lots of couples set up a vendors table, which works quite well.
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