Morgan + Justin ~ Highlight Film

From our very first talk, it was very clear that Morgan KNEW she wanted a wedding video. And I must admit, it's the best when clients are really excited about what we do!!

Add in a really great (and somewhat rowdy) group of people willing to brave a chilly September day and you have the recipe for a good time!

Also - those kids!! I can't even. It's one of my favourite things - watching people officially become a family. Even though we know they already were in every other way.

Thank you Morgan & Justin for choosing us to share your day!


Kassandra + Leo ~ Highlight Film

#TheLionAndTheHeart... This hashtag says it all. These two have a story that reads like great romance... And on a very hot July day - they made it official. The day was full of meaning and details and even a reading from the "Book of Leo and Kasandra" that has us in stitches... and in tears. Sometimes, fairy tales do come true.

Congratulations to the Lion and the Heart... And thank you for showing us that Love Always Wins.

Sarah + Brendan ~ Highlight Film

We can't control the weather. We know this... But tornados are a little much! We all worried but in the end, Sarah & Brendan were able to fulfill their wish to get married by the water with all of their wonderful friends & family watching.

And what a fun group they were! It's said that good people are surrounded by more good people. That is definitely the case for these two. From the simple but elegant details (that cake makes me swoon) to the easygoing wedding party, it was a true honour to be part of this celebration.

And - no tornado! Just lots of love.

Jessica & Dan ~ Highlight Film

This was a super awesome way Saturday in May! There were super cool people, crazy golf cart rides, and arguably the cutest puppy ever!!

I loved that Jessica knew from the beginning of her process that she wanted video. Super excited brides are so much fun to work with!! And I truly hope she gets as much enjoyment out of watching this as she did watching her parents' wedding video all these years...

All in all, Jess & Dan have a super chill way about them that put us all at ease and we're super grateful to have been part of their day!!



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